Our system designed for cycling is suitable for circuit and point to point races both on and off-road. The technology used to capture high speed motorsports applications has been developed to provide consistent, cost-effective solutions for event organizers regardless of the conditions outside.

Bicycle Racing
We offer a few different types of tags depending upon the application. For the most extreme applications, we use our poly-coated tags where performance does not degrade due to mud, rain or rock damage. Lighter duty – and therefore less expensive – tags can be utilized for certain applications. Tags are mounted in one of three ways:

1) to helmets,
2) on specially made plastic “quick mounts” zip-tied to the front fork tube, or
3) attached the bib (typically on the rider’s back.)

Cycling finish lines are typically much more narrow than that of a motorsport facility, often 15 feet or so, such that a single antenna may be used in most situations. Naturally, as the width of the start/finish grows, more antennas are required.

Our RaceResults scoring software has certain features designed specifically for cycling:

– an unlimited number of competitors and classes;
– classification by gender;
– classification by age;