Does the antenna have to be mounted overhead for racing?

Our system uses an overhead antenna coupled with proprietary firmware to produce highly accurate and consistent results – within 2/10,000 of a second. The overhead antenna placement ensures that all competitors’ times are read— even when several cross the finish line simultaneously. Running or riding over timing mats has proven to be less accurate and potentially hazardous.

Why disposable RFID tags?

As former race promoters, we understand the logistical challenge of managing transponder or timing chip inventory, the overnight charging of transponders, issuing and then collecting transponders or chips after a race, inputting the IDs of competitor-owned chips or transponders, and trying to recover expensive transponders or timing chips that don´t get turned in after the event.
With our disposable tags, promoters can assign tag IDs to competitors in advance, apply (stick on) the tags at a race and not worry about collecting and/or charging them after an event.
And with the affordability of the Hardcard tags, promoters are able to resell the disposable tags to competitors and earn a reasonable margin. After just a few races, this can pay for the timing system, and the timing and scoring function becomes a profit generator, not a burdensome expense.

Can the disposable tags be reused?

Hardcard Systems guarantees the performance of the disposable tags for a single race weekend. Once the tag leaves the relatively-controlled environment of a race event, there are elements that can damage the embedded chip in the tag. If an organizer requires a longer-life tag, Hardcard offers a Season Tag that is better insulted with more protection from damage and interference.

If I purchase a system, do I need anything else?

Hardcard Systems come with everything needed to time and score an event, except a dedicated laptop computer and a power supply. Laptop requirements are a PC or PC-emulating Mac running Windows XP, Me or 7.  Mounting brackets are included, but not the “mount” (antenna stand or gantry).  We’d be happy to refer you to preferred suppliers of those items.

What is the read range for the system?

Our standard systems operate on racetrack widths of up to 8 meters. For use on wider tracks additional equipment may be necessary.

How do I order a system?

Call Hardcard Sales toll free at 888.503.1222 or email our offices. A 50% deposit is required, with full payment due upon receipt of your system.

For additional questions, please contact Hardcard Systems.
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