Timing and Scoring Reader - Motorcycle RoadracingAt the core of our system is an Alien Technologies reader, specially designed and programmed to suit our needs. Through our proprietary programming and algorithms, the readers are capable of capturing tags in high-speed motorsport applications. We routinely capture cars and motorcycles at speeds well in excess of 125 mph and have captured AMA Superbikes at 170+ mph while testing at Laguna Seca Raceway. Our readers are “networkable” allowing for multi-reader configurations when conditions demand. All of our hardware is designed to withstand the elements, so while rain may slow down the competitors, it won’t impact timing and scoring.


Timing and Scoring System Reader being installed in overhead finish lineHardcard Systems has two basic types of antennas – Overhead mounted and Trackside. Overhead mounted antennas provide the ultimate in accuracy and reliability and are ideally suited for racing applications. Our Trackside antennas offer excellent performance and the ultimate in portability – great for track day organizations that host events at multiple facilities.