RFID Tag on Ninja sportbike motorcycle for Timing and Scoring


Hardcard Systems were designed for the speeds and demanding conditions in motorsports. Our systems work in rain, mud, dirt, sand – you name it and we’ve tested in it.

We have systems installed in karting facilities, motocross tracks, short track car racing organizations (pavement and dirt), road racing and track day organizations (motorcycles and cars).

There are two basic configurations for motorsports systems:

1) One or more trackside antennas, and
2) An array of overhead antennas (typically 1 – 4 depending upon the track width).

Timing and Scoring Reader - Motorcycle Roadracing

The trackside antenna configuration offers the ultimate in portability and ease of use. Perfect for track day organizations or practice days where cost and ease of use are the primary objectives for the organizer. Typically, one or two trackside antennas are set about 10’ off to the side (or both sides) of the racetrack, “shooting” the field across the track at the finish line. Tags are placed on the side of the equipment (windows for cars, fairings for motorcycles) and are read as they pass.

The overhead antenna configuration provides the highest level of performance and is the optimal set-up for actual racing. An array of antennas, the number of which is determined by the width of the track and the height of the overhead mount (optimally 14’ over the racing surface), reads tags affixed to the windshield or roof of each vehicle in competition.