Systems for running can be used for point to point racing (such as cross country) or circuit racing (around a track). Tags are placed with the bib (typically on front) and read by one or more antennas at the finish line. Advantages of Hardcard Systems over competitors like ChampionChip is the elimination of mats.

That means NO:

– Tripping over mats;
– Slick surfaces to run over;
– Damage or degradation of performance caused by weather;

We offer two types of running tags:

1) A poly-coated Seasonal tag good for any number of events in a calendar year, and
2) A paper backed Single Event tag that may be recycled after one event.

Tags can be programmed such that the tag and bib numbers are the same to ease organizational headaches.

Our RaceResults scoring software has features designed to assist race organizers:

– Classification by gender;
– Classification by age;
– Unlimited number of classes;
– Unlimited number of competitors;