Our RaceResults software allows organizers to import or input competitor data, organize and manage events, and report the data in a variety of manners. Information from sessions and for each competitor may be accessed, exported or printed via our ResultReporter software module.Timing and Scoring System being used at Arenacross

Our Reader Control Module is included with the software, enabling organizers to fine tune reader and antenna settings to optimize performance at each event site.

Visit our YouTube page ( which has tutorials on how to use RaceResults software and see the software in action.

Screenshot of software #3

RaceResults 2.0 is currently in development under our partnership with The Ohio State University and was chosen in October 2011 as a capstone project for graduate students in the Computer Sciences department at the University. This allows Hardcard to benefit from the talents of leading programmers with an eye towards full integration into social media. While we expect a more feature rich environment, we will strive to make the interface as easy to use as possible.