We offer several types of tags suitable for different applications. Just give our sales team a call or drop them an email to discuss which type is the most cost-effective for your needs. We offer discounts to event organizers based on the annual volume of tags purchased, providing the opportunity to turn your timing and scoring expense into a revenue producing asset or lowering the overall cost to your club members. Our Season Tags may be used any number of times for a period of one year from the date it was first read – look for those if you or your competitors expect to enter 5 or more events per season.

Thinny Lite (Single Event or Season)

Our lightest, thinnest tag designed principally for running applications. Affixes to the bib and is generally unnoticed by the runner. No more mats, no more post-race collections or returns – keep it as a memento or recycle it. The ultimate in low-cost single-use tags.

Thinny (Single Event or Season)

Our slim vinyl coated tag that is great for cycling – goes right on the helmet and never misses a beat. Great for road racing or lighter duty off-road applications.

Dura (Single Event or Season)

Our poly-coated tag that can stand up to anything! Great as an AMB replacement in all motorsport applications, mountain biking or Cyclocross or any application facing the challenges of mud, water, sand, dirt and rocks.

Dura tags can be programmed for Single Event or Season, offering a lower cost entry into Season tags.  However, Dura Seasonal tags should be applied once and left on the vehicle.

Dura-Ultra (Season Only)

This product is no longer available.