Testimonials OLD

  • Hardcard Systems

    “We designed our systems to be a cost-effective alternative to expensive transponder based systems that only a few can afford.  Whether a local motocross race or 10K – or a cycling event with thousands of competitors,  our systems provide a simple turn-key solution to event organizers.  After years as AMB customers, we demanded an easy to use and less expensive solution backed by the best customer service in the business.”

    Scott Hollingsworth, Hardcard Systems
  • Indiana State University

    “Our application was unique, but the Hardcard team was up to the task and provided great support. We’re a happy customer!”

    John Lentz, Director Office of Recreational Sports, Indiana State University
  • Krutcupen Racing

    “I am very happy with the Hardcard timing system! The system performs very well at our events, is easy to operate and their customer support is perfect!”

    Hans Soderstrom, Track Day Organizer, Team Kruptcupen Racing - Stockholm, Sweden
  • Twisted Track Promotions

    “Our Hardcard System has done well for us this far.

    I did extensive research on RFID technology before I purchased from them. The hardware is reliable, the software is improving and they send us updates. I was worried that we wouldn’t hear from them once we were on our own but tech support was there for us. Their IT guys can access our laptop and find out what is going on if needed. As for our system, no complaints.. If we had to do it all over again, we would!”

    Sam Britt, Twisted Track Promotions
  • Bike the Bruce

    “I am very happy with the read rate, quality of equipment, price, flexibility of the data and easy use of the software. Our first event had a 100 percent read rate, no missed tags!!!”

    Dylan Lanspeary, Event Director, Bike the Bruce