Hardcard Systems were developed by sports professionals with decades of experience timing and scoring major international sporting events. We focused on providing a “turn-key” solution that doesn’t require you to go to an equipment supplier, a tag supplier and a software provider to piece together a system.


Hardcard Systems have been tested against AMB and other leading systems and was found to be within the 2/10,000 of a second margin of error of those systems. In our testing, we timed AMA Superbikes at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca at 170+ miles per hour without any variance in timing performance.


Our systems were designed to be affordable for use by organizers of amateur events yet functional in the most demanding environments. The cost of systems from AMB, Jaguar, and others prevents many organizers from being able to deploy an electronic timing and scoring system so we engineered our hardware and software to be functional and cost effective.

Easy to Use

Our RFID timing systems are turn-key – meaning you are not required to get equipment from one supplier, tags from another and software from a third  – only to find that each blames the other in the event of a problem.  Hardcard Systems come with everything you need to time and score an event right out of the box.  Install the RaceResults software, connect your antennas to the reader and your reader to the laptop, and you’re up and running. No kidding.


We have customers from New Zealand to Sweden and many places in between. Our systems can adapt to any power supply and are licensed for use in every country. We pride ourselves on supporting customers anywhere – check out our testimonials. Let us configure a system for you…no matter where you are!